Prosper Electronics/Ceptor Labs is a leading company in the field of production and marketing of components for the electronic industry. Established in September 1999, we are one of the leading companies developing and producing magnetics, connectors and cables for the communication industry.

We are a global company covering markets in South East Asia, Europe, the Americas and North Africa. Our headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, serving the European market and we have offices in San Jose, California, for the Americas and in Hong Kong for Asia.

Our experienced research team and our ability to promptly and efficiently respond to customers wishes for tailor made products have put us at the top of major inland and international suppliers of communications components and accounts for our rapid growth. And our highly capable and efficient sales team is also at you disposal for any requests.

Our production facilities in China include three plants in special economics area of Shenzhen as well as one in the Shanghai and Hubei region with 4000 collaborators who strive to maintain the highest standards in performance, quality and customer service. Our warehouse and logistical hub in Hong Kong quarantee worlwide distribution and ensure that your components are delivered to the desires location anywhere in the world.

Thanks to our up-to date plants, equipments and manufacturing techniques we are able to produce the most advanced solutions for magnetic parts, connectorsand cables and respond to the highest volume orders from the largest users of electronics components. We provide a complete range of high quality solutions and 24h customer service around the globe. This has made us the most competitive supplier and data networking, broadband access and wireless communication.

All your products comply with or surpass IEE, ANSI, T1/E1 and DSL international standards. Prosper Electronics and Ceptor Labs is certified by several organisations, read more about these certifications here.

We measure our success by yours!